Behind the brand: Coravin

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

Apr 30, 2021

Pour yourself a glass as we sit down with Greg Lambrecht, Inventor and Founder of Coravin, who is on a mission to change the way the world drinks wine.

Coravin's innovation products empower wine lovers to explore the world of wine at any level, with any bottle, at any time.

We chatted to Greg to find out what sets Coravin apart from other wine preservation systems and why it's so valuable for people to be able to experience it in real life.

Describe the Coravin Pivot™ in one sentence.

Coravin delivers the ultimate in wine preservation, the ingenious combination of the Pivot Stopper and Device preserves the remaining bottle for up to 4 weeks, ensuring the last glass is just as amazing as the first.

What sets Coravin apart from other wine preservation systems?

Unlike other wine preservers, which only delay the oxidation of your wine, the Coravin Wine Preservation Systems are designed so that wine always tastes like it has just been opened—even up to years later.

It is such an ingenious invention, what is the inspiration behind the Coravin system?

I have always been fascinated by the world of wine. When I was younger, I had my own small wine collection with some amazing wines. When my wife got pregnant, I did not want to give up on drinking those fine bottles, but I did not want to commit to drinking the entire bottle myself either. Hence, the idea was born.

Tell us a bit more about the testing and development process.

When I initially started to test, I tried a million things: Various types of gas, different needles, different bottle shapes and closures. Just like with fine wine, you can imagine it takes time to see what works best with preservation. You need to monitor the bottles closely and use control bottles to taste if there’s any difference.

What advice do you have for people who are new to wine tasting and have recently purchased a Coravin device? 

In essence, tasting wine should be all about fun and so is Coravin. Use your system to learn new things about wine, discover new grape varieties you might like – or don’t, taste food and wine pairings with anything that you like, at any moment you wish.

We’re delighted to be showcasing the Coravin at Situ Live. How valuable do you think it is for people to be able to experience your products in real life? 

You will only understand how special our products are by experiencing it for yourself. The first moment you pierce the needle through a cork, when you pour that first sip. Only then you know how special it really is. Therefore I consider it extremely valuable for any consumer to see it with their own eyes at Situ Live.