Behind the brand: Flokk

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

Aug 18, 2021

Flokk is a ‘house of furniture brands’, with a history dating back to the end of the 19th century. Its roots are in innovation – the first ‘swivel chair’ for work was made by one of its brands.

For Flokk the last 30 or more years have seen more innovation in design and a big focus on sustainability. They design furniture, and furniture production methods, that take fewer resources from the planet, produce less waste, and reduce their carbon footprint.

So, pull up a chair as we chat to Bernhard van Ommen, Managing Director for UK and Ireland, about wellbeing, sustainability, collaborations and more.

Describe the Flokk brand in one sentence.

A Norwegian furniture company, Flokk create high-end design for the home, the workplace and for commercial environments too, with big commitments in sustainable manufacturing.

Looking forward, what is the Flokk vision?

To continue to make beautiful and sustainable furniture! Currently, the company is focused on increasing sourcing post-consumer recycled materials such as plastics and metals to use in its day-to-day manufacturing and switching to renewable energy sources completely.

How important do you think furniture is to people’s performance and wellbeing?

Our team are experts in wellbeing. Specifically, we know that well designed interiors and furniture can help people relax without suffering from discomfort. And if people are comfortable and supported, they perform at their best, without distraction.

You have collaborated on a variety of unique workplace design projects, from museums to universities to offices, how do you go about selecting the right furniture for a space?

We work with interior designers to help realise great spaces for a variety of purposes – sometimes its studying or working and sometimes its collaborating or relaxing. Our product offering is unique, in that our various brands are able to speak to a lot of different environments such as you’ve mentioned. We have everything from specialist products for science labs and we have avant-garde pieces that inspire visually.

Sustainability is hugely important to Flokk, can you talk us through some of the initiatives you are working on in this area?  

One of the biggest focus areas for Flokk now is in materials: we see waste as a source. A big ambition Flokk is working towards is to switch out all materials for post-consumer where possible, so that for every product at least 60 percent of the materials used to make it are post-consumer recycled materials.

This year we’re buying more than 1000 tonnes of post-consumer plastics that would have gone into landfill otherwise. We’re looking to up that number considerably year on year as we swap out as many elements in the products as possible for recycled materials. And always post-consumer, never virgin. We’re redesigning how we upholster and build together frames, to eliminate glues too.

Flokk has a strong tradition of working with talented designers, what do you look for when considering new collaborations?

Flokk has been fortunate enough to work with incredibly innovative designers like Peter Opsvik, Jasper Morrison and studios like Form Us With Love. It's important always that the designers our own product development teamwork with share Flokk's values of sustainability, quality and beauty.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about Flokk furniture being showcased at Situ Live?

Situ Live presents a unique shopping experience and we can’t wait to see how people react to our products in such an inspirational environment. It will be gratifying to see people be able to have a hands-on experience with our chairs, as this is truly the best way to experience and understand them.