Behind the brand: La Pochette

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

Jul 28, 2021

Gone are the days of toting your sweaty gym kit around in a shabby shopping bag. La Pochette is here to offer a stylish, functional alternative to the humble workout holdall.

La Pochette CEO and founder, Justine Rouch, and Brand Director, Rachel Luft, recognise that in our fast-paced modern lives, we need equipment that allows for flexibility as we travel from the gym, to work, and anywhere in between.

You need a kit bag that is practical and durable – bonus points if it looks good and doesn’t break the bank. That’s where La Pochette comes in. Here we catch up with Justine and Rachel to discuss design, sustainability, and unconventional uses.

Describe the La Pochette in one sentence.

Intelligently designed and environmentally sound, La Pochette accessories help you master your day by working as hard as you do.

What features make La Pochette the ultimate gym bag hero?

Our mantra throughout the design process was no compromise. We didn’t just want to make a kit pouch, it had to be an all-singing, all-dancing hero. We spent years perfecting our signature fabric from recycled plastic bottles, ensuring it was anti-microbial to stop bacteria from sweaty kit and protect technical fabrics from deterioration, not to mention it’s deodorising to trap odours, water resistant, lightweight and stain repellent.

We’d love to hear more about your story. What was the inspiration behind La Pochette?

We realised that whilst athleisure clothing had been steadily emerging to suit current lifestyles, accessory design had stalled in its evolution. The lightbulb moment came at a post-work Spin class with the realisation that studios provided towels, toiletries, cleats everything - all you needed was a pouch for sweaty kit, not a bulky gym bag.

How important is sustainability to your brand?

We didn’t set out to be a sustainable brand, rather we believe that every brand has a responsibility to be sustainable these days. We use 30-50 recycled plastic bottles in every metre of our signature fabric and elsewhere the clear pouch collection is Vegan, solvent-free and features biodegradable TPU.  Our biggest sustainability win is the fact a La Pochette bag can completely replace the single-use plastic bags found in every pool, spa or gym changing room.

What’s the most unconventional thing you’ve ever used a La Pochette bag for?

We love hearing the different ways people use their La Pochette; Wet Bags concealing sopping kit whilst they go on to brunch or porting about their valuables on a spa day. We’ve heard of our bags being use for anything from tech wire tidy to toiletries bag to beach clutch whilst the Sweat Bag can act as a laundry bag for weekends away. By far the most unusual way our Wet Bags have been used was as an impromptu Ice Bucket!

How do you think web-based businesses can benefit from a presence in physical retail?  

It is through storytelling that brands come to life. Whilst digitally based businesses allow you to speak to instantly to a global consumer, we believe La Pochette can be better discovered through an experiential setting which allows customers to emotionally connect and understand new products.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about having the La Pochette bag showcased in Situ Live? 

The ability to introduce new customers to the brand in ‘real life’ will be a gamechanger for La Pochette. We are excited to physically demonstrate how we can transform their day to day and showcase the innovation in our product design which allows us to challenge barriers to fitness, wellbeing, and sustainable living.