Behind the brand: Lupe

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

May 25, 2021

Having a spring clean this weekend? Cordless vacuum cleaners are increasingly popular, promising hassle-free hoovering. Yet the trade-off for increased convenience and manoeuvrability has traditionally been short battery life and unreliable suction power.

So, in 2015 Pablo Montero and Lucas Horne founded Lupe Technology to solve the frustrations consumers were having with the performance and durability of existing cordless vacuum cleaners.

We catch up with Pablo to hear the story behind the brand, as we talk inspiration, innovation, and what's next for Lupe.

Describe the Lupe Pure cordless vacuum cleaner in one sentence.

The world’s best performing cordless vacuum, it is designed and built for long term ownership.

What differentiates your vacuum from other cordless vacuums?

Lupe’s patented suction intensifier delivers the strongest useful suction of any cordless vacuum available; it also delivers up to 60 minutes of powerful cleaning from one single battery charge.

With 50% of small electrical appliances taken to waste processing in the EU being vacuum cleaners, we wanted to ensure our vacuum cleaners were built to last. It's designed to last with no built-in obsolescence and uses the best quality components and materials. You won’t find the same level of quality, attention to detail and power that endures anywhere else.

A Lupe cordless vacuum is light, flexible, and only has one universal cleaner head, you don't waste time changing the cleaner head for different floor types or opening and closing manual flaps, the performance is always optimised.

You founded Lupe Technology with Lucas Horne in 2015, how was the idea conceived?

We saw that consumers were moving to cordless, and that the products on the market were under-delivering. With our experience from Dyson, we felt we could solve the problem, increasing efficiency by transferring the suction to where it matters - at the cleaner-head.

Your philosophy is ‘engineer for a cleaner world’. What does that mean to you?

The phrase has a deliberate duality. Firstly we want our customer’s worlds to be literally cleaner, and we start with a clean floor!

Secondly, we do what we can to keep our products from landfill, ensuring they are built to last through inherent robustness, ease of repair, and ability to upgrade where possible.

What’s next for Lupe Technology?

Another product to help make a cleaner world for our consumers! Watch this space.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to about having your product in our Situ Live Westfield experiential store?

When you see the product in real life you can really see and feel the difference in quality between us and the main competitors. As a largely on-line brand to date, having the ability for potential customers to see this before they buy is awesome. I am also really keen to have the brand alongside other brands in-store.