Behind the brand: SleepHalo

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

Apr 8, 2021

Can't sleep? Well, you're not alone. Over 50 per cent of the British population say that their sleep has been more disturbed during lockdown.

Luckily, David Clark, Founder of SleepHalo, is on a mission to improve the nation's sleep and promote peace of mind.

We chatted to David about the inspiration behind SleepHalo and why he is looking forward to showcasing it at Situ Live.

Describe your product in one sentence.

SleepHalo™ is the world’s first wireless phone charger with radiation protection.

How does it work?

SleepHalo is an inductive loop wireless charger encased within a beautifully designed plastic enclosure that incorporates Electro Magnetic Field shielding. The shielding is tuned to minimise the effects of radiation found in all mobile phones.

The genius of SleepHalo is that it allows the wireless device to continue to operate, whilst controlling the direction of radiation from the device.

Why do you believe everyone should have a SleepHalo?

63% of GB adults in a recent You Gov poll acknowledged that radiation is harmful, so if you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective wireless phone charger that protects you, SleepHalo is your solution.

What was the inspiration behind SleepHalo?

I started looking for answers when my wife began suffering from chronic night-time migraines. We found that moving both our mobile phones well away from the bedside provided peace of mind and helped relieve her symptoms.

I decided to find a solution that would allow us to continue to charge our phones, which we still needed for alarms and emergencies, but that blocked the associated radiation.

Feeling inspired, I engineered a radiation shield that incorporated a wireless charger. It was from here that SleepHalo was born. 

We’re looking forward to showcasing your product within the Fitness and Wellbeing theatre at our Westfield venue. What made you choose Situ Live as your retail partner?

We recognise that the way people want to shop is changing and the whole concept of Situ Live really appealed to us, particularly the idea of a destination where people can discover and experience our product as they would in real life.