Behind the brand: VAHA

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

Sep 8, 2021

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, 64% of people have stated that they’re more interested in at-home exercise than ever before. Many have realised that they can still enjoy intense and effective workouts from the comfort of their home, and they are often easier to squeeze into the day.

VAHA is the future of home training, an interactive fitness mirror that provides members with fully personalised and immersive training. With over 300 workouts, nutritional counselling, and meditation exercises, you can access everything you need for your fitness and wellness journey at the touch of a button. And when you’re done? It turns back into a stylish, sleek mirror.

Valerie Bures-Bönström founded VAHA in 2019, but she is no stranger to disrupting the fitness industry, having co-founded the popular European fitness chain Mrs.Sporty in 2003. Here we talk about the inspiration behind VAHA, as well as its many exciting features.

Describe the VAHA interactive fitness mirror in one sentence.

It is the first interactive smart fitness mirror to launch in the UK, delivering fully personalised, immersive sessions for body and mind in your home.

Can you tell us in more detail how it works?

You simply turn on the device to enjoy a wide range of workouts - either live or on-demand. Workouts span an array of genres including cardio, strength, barre, pilates, yoga, and meditation, all of which can be followed alongside an instructor.

As it's a mirror, users can see their reflections, allowing them to check that they are doing the exercises correctly. This is further supported by motion tracking that counts your number of reps performed by the individual, so that they can get the most out of their workout.

With the 1-2-1 PT sessions, users will get a bespoke programme that is carefully tailored to their training goals and the amount of time that they have available to train.

In 2020, fitness moved from gyms to living rooms, do you think this trend is here to stay?

Lockdown has meant that people have needed to adapt, with more people working and exercising from home than ever before. For those who are less  comfortable going to the gym, or want more flexible workout solutions - VAHA is the perfect solution - enabling you to work out when you want, how you want.

VAHA’s personalised training schedule allows you to reach your own fitness and wellbeing goals, while also feeling supported and part of a community. We place a strong emphasis on community building - when you join a class, you can see who else is there, and members can also connect on our social channels.

Talk us through some of the live and on-demand classes which are available.

There are over 300 live and on-demand classes available from HIIT to strength, to yoga and to kids’ classes, with more being added every week. In addition, there are over 40 live classes per week which are streamed from our studio in West London.

Are there any additional features that you’d like to tell us about?

VAHA members can use their mirrors to access a range of apps including Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, Zoom and Skype as well as for browsing the internet.

You can also have up to five different profiles on every mirror, allowing the whole family to create their own tailored workout programmes. 

We’re really excited to bring your product to life in our Westfield, London venue in a few weeks’ time. How important do you think it is for people to be able to experience your product in real life? 

Interactive fitness mirrors are a new product in the home-workout category - so it important that people can see it in real life. They’ll be able to understand how easy it is to use, the range of workouts that it offers, and how seamlessly it will fit into their home. We’re really excited to see VAHA at Situ Live!