Happy staff make for better experiences

by John Emmerson | COO Situ Live

Mar 18, 2021

Once upon a time, back in the days of when we could leave the house, I went into a shop (remember that feeling) looking for a gift for someone. 

I had a tech product in mind and although I had carried out some basic research online, I was looking forward to getting some in-person expertise and advice. Unfortunately, that is not what I got. 

After searching for what felt like an eternity for a member of staff, I found someone to ask what I thought was a very straightforward question.   

In return I was met with a mixture of complete disinterest and lack of understanding. I was told in a very dismissive term… ‘I don’t know, you’ve got Google, haven’t you?’ 

This is one of the fundamental problems with physical retail today. Retail staff do not care, and even if they did, they have not been given the opportunity to gain the knowledge to help consumers. 

It is a real shame, and it is a problem that is certainly contributing to the decline of the high street. After all, 67 per cent of British shoppers won’t return following a bad experience in store or online.  

It is, however, a problem with a clear solution. 

The right staff can make or break your retail business. So, it is critical to devote time and resource to recruiting the right people, delivering comprehensive training, and prioritising a strong company culture.  

Hiring the right people  

The physical retail destinations of tomorrow will inspire, excite, and educate, and the right staff and skillsets will be critical to delivering these experiences.   

When it comes to staffing the Situ Live venues, finding the right people is paramount. So, we are partnering with recruitment and training agency, Stellar Global, who are experts in finding brilliant people that can enhance a brand. 

Stellar Global believe the best approach to recruitment is to match people and their interests to positions so that they feel positive and enthused in their roles. 

It's central to our proposition that we get the right staff, in the right roles, renumerated and incentivised well.  

Not only will this improve employee satisfaction, which improves retention and reduces recruitment costs, but great customer service increases consumer satisfaction.  

This is important for many reasons, but crucially satisfied customers contribute roughly 14 times more revenue than a somewhat dissatisfied customer. 

Training as an investment

When businesses need to make cuts, training is often the first thing to be sacrificed. But this is an extremely short-sighted solution.   

Training is a long-term investment. Access to regular training, team building, and development opportunities have been proven to increase employee satisfaction, which improves performance and engagement.  

Not to mention, highly engaged teams outperform their peers by 22 per cent in profitability. 

Without proper training how can retailers expect staff to perform to high standards? And with so many options available to businesses to help them update, educate, and enthuse their staff, there really isn’t any excuse.  

At Situ Live we will have full time venue-based trainers to ensure that on-the-job training and onboarding is part of the daily routine.  

Venue staff will have also have access to an e-learning platform with brand and product information, so they can easily stay updated and provide shoppers with tailored advice and recommendations.  

Prioritising company culture 

Company culture isn’t determined by free breakfasts, pool tables, edgy furniture or any other benefits. It is formed from a blend of company vision, values, norms, beliefs, habits, and much more. 

It is something which is intrinsic to a company, which shapes attitudes and behaviours; it is not something which new recruits can bring with them.  

Company culture impacts every aspect of a business, and the benefits of a strong culture cannot be denied. 

In fact, organisations with strong cultures boast 72 per cent higher employee engagement rates than those with weak cultures.  

A healthy, engaging, and motivational company culture can set the basis for real business growth. It should promote sustainable working practices, ensure every employee has a voice and encourage healthy communication.  

At Situ Live we believe in honesty, inspiration, drive, and simplicity. We aspire to make it a place people want to work, a culture that fosters creativity, imagination, and joy, and ultimately where employees can flourish.  

In short, when you come into a Situ Live venue, you will get the best in person expertise and advice possible, and that is a promise... 

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