Situ Live Spotlight: meet the winners

by Lexie Taylor | Growth Marketing Manager

Jun 15, 2021

While more businesses than ever are online, many are favouring a hybrid approach, using physical experiences to complement their e-commerce solutions. Yet for small or undiscovered businesses, getting products into traditional retail stores often poses a significant challenge.

So, Situ Live set out to even the playing field, joining forces with Enterprise Nation to find the next generation of high street entrepreneurs to feature in their experiential retail venue.

Over 500 entries were narrowed down to eight innovative finalists who competed in a virtual pitching day with the hope of receiving a residency spot at Situ Live’s Westfield venue. Here’s your first look at the winners.

Runner up: Finding Roots

Finding Roots is a MicroGarden subscription delivering beautiful ready-planted containers to your door every season. The planters are designed to showcase garden designer quality, at a micro scale.

The plant subscription business is the creation of Lilidh Matthews, who is “excited to bring plant knowledge and joy to a wider audience” through their one-month product residency at Situ Live.

She is dedicated to brightening balconies around London and wants to encourage London residents to enjoy the many benefits that come with growing plants. Finding Roots is the first pre-planted subscription of its kind, and Lilidh used her experience working for a large garden centre chain to build the brand.

“When Enterprise Nation announced the competition partnership with Situ Live, I knew I had to apply. Being an e-commerce subscription website Finding Roots has the advantage of being accessible from every home, but accessing the high street is a very different space and so being part of the Situ Live movement is an exciting opportunity and I am overjoyed to be able to say that I have won a residency!”

You can see Finding Roots’ MicroGardens for yourself this September at Situ Live Westfield during their one-month residency.

Runner up: Innermost

Innermost is a wellness brand focused on creating solutions to people’s needs through the power of nutrition. Producing a range of nutritional supplements, upgraded with brain-boosting, mood-lifting, and body-optimising ingredients.

Founder, Shivraj Bassi, says “Situ Live represents an amazing platform for our brand to gain access to engaged consumers that are interested in improving their health and wellbeing. As an innovative start-up in the wellness space, winning the competition feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to build brand awareness and drive forward with our mission to empower consumers to take control of their health.”

As a primarily direct-to-consumer brand, Situ Live appealed to Shivraj as a way to bring Innermost’s products to life and increase brand awareness. He commented, we can’t wait to interact with consumers directly, which is something that is incredibly important for a start-up and something we’ve missed sorely over the past year in light of the pandemic.”

We applied to enter the Situ Live Spotlight Competition during lockdown at a time when engaging in real life with consumers seemed like a distant memory and having a dedicated space for our brand in Westfield seemed like an impossibility. We entered the competition knowing that we’d be up against hundreds of other businesses, so we are incredibly honoured to have been chosen as one of the winning brands.”

Experience Innermost’s nutrition brand in real life this September at Situ Live Westfield during their one-month residency.

2nd place: La Pochette

Disrupting the traditional kit bag, La Pochette’s innovative lightweight water-resistant kit pouches fit inside day bags which are antimicrobial, odour-repellent and machine washable.

La Pochette’s founder, Justine Rouche, and Brand Director, Rachel Luft, agree “the ability to introduce new customers to the brand in ‘real life’ will be a gamechanger for La Pochette.”

“It is through storytelling that our brand comes to life, we are excited to physically demonstrate to shoppers how we can transform their day to day and showcase the innovation in our product design which allows us to challenge barriers to fitness, wellbeing, and sustainable living.”

As an early-stage independent start up, they are "thrilled to be recognised by the judges and Situ Live team amongst an inspiring shortlist of brands", saying “the opportunity to showcase our brand in such an experiential way, and at a prime retail footfall location, offers unparalleled exposure and growth for La Pochette.”

They say the Situ Live concept immediately resonated with them as it offered a space for pioneering brands to showcase their products.

“Traditional retail models are challenging for emerging brands and lack the experiential element which allows customers to emotionally connect and understand new products. We felt it was a blueprint for department stores of the future and where we could imagine La Pochette best discovered by our future customer base.”

La Pochette’s bags will be showcased in Situ Live for three months, so you can check them out for yourself this September.

1st place: PERRY eHopper

The innovative PERRY eHopper, the UK’s lightest electric folding bike, takes the top spot winning a one-year residency at Situ Live’s Westfield venue.

Weighing just 14kg, it is a beautifully crafted and engineered bike which provides the most comfortable of rides. The PERRY eHopper assists your riding up to 15mph with its 250W brushless geared DC motor, while the 50km range will ensure you get to where you need to go. Plus it can be easily folded in under 10 seconds, making it ideal for commuting.

Founder, Andy Perry, wanted to “create a brand that had sustainability and choice at its very heart, so our products are priced to be accessible to all.” The brand’s mantra is engineering change for a more sustainable future, and they believe showcasing the e-bike at Situ Live will help raise awareness of their innovative approach to sustainability.

Global Sales & Marketing Manager, James Smith, says “we are just so humbled that we have been given this opportunity to talk about the PERRY brand. It really is the leg up, the shoulder to lean on that everyone looks for. We want to share our message to likeminded people and try to encourage a responsible approach to commuting.”

“We felt that we had a story that people registered with, we are not here to just make you look cool, we are here to get you there. A modern British brand that is not afraid to be innovative and have fun whilst being creative and responsible.”

PERRY eHopper's e-bike will feature in Situ Live's 'On the Move' theatre for a whole year, so you can experience it live at Westfield London.

All the winning products will be bought to life in Situ Live’s experiential venue, alongside a world-class collection of brands including Maserati, Oculus, Fitbit, Bosch, and many more.

Want to find out how your innovative product could also be featured? Explore Situ Live’s managed service.