Situ Live - the UK's safest and smartest retail venue

by Andrew Busby | Founder, Retail Reflections

Aug 23, 2021

Ever wondered what it would be like if over 75 leading brands, including Maserati, Oculus, Fitbit, and Bosch, were brought together under one roof for you to sit in, try on, cook with and experience. Not only that, but in a place prioritising the safety of visitors in smart ways.

Me too; but you probably want to know more about how it will be the ‘safest and smartest’ venue. Given the current climate, reassurance is something we’re all seeking before venturing out to physical locations again. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to have an exclusive look behind the scenes at Situ Live prior to its opening at Westfield London on 30 September.

Situ Live is reimagining retail, bringing together some of the magic of theatre into how we shop. Presenters demonstrate products live, helping customers get hands-on and understand them better, before guiding them to where they can purchase online. So how is customer safety prioritised at Situ Live?

Enter SafePrem Solutions, the world’s leading directory of safe and smart solutions for all types of business premises. They’ve brought together five leading technology partners to create the safest and smartest retail venue for Situ Live. Here’s how: 

Arriving at Situ Live, you’re greeted by a Storetech supplied system, which monitors flow in and out of the venue in real-time and displays the current occupancy level so visitors can feel confident social distancing is realistic.

Situ Live is all about interaction and engagement with the products in the venue, which means an awful lot of human contact. However, that is covered by some of the latest technology from Kastus who, with their anti-microbial screen protectors, ensure all touchscreens are fully protected.

But screen protection is only a part of it, for all other surfaces, both in the venue and the products being handled, Turbo Statics provide a range of electrostatic cleaning systems, ensuring visitors can feel safe in the knowledge everything they touch has been fully cleansed beforehand.

Managing people flow in any indoor venue has become more important than ever, so Situ Live will be working with Aura Vision, which not only tracks footfall, but does so using artificial intelligence to constantly monitor the venue and ensure a comfortable customer experience at all times.

And there’s one other thing that visitors to Situ Live might notice; the air inside the venue seems unusually fresher than normal. Thanks to a revolutionary system installed by Clenzair, it is. Using advanced ionisation technology, their system is not only cleaning the air, but constantly neutralising viruses and bacteria; 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

I had been aware of some of this technology prior to exploring Situ Live; many of the solutions which SafePrem have brought together are installed in retail businesses around the world. However, what sets Situ Live apart, is this is the first time that all of them have been installed in one venue at once. 

As we learn more about the Covid-19 virus, we understand we need layers of complementary technology to provide superior protection. All of which really does mean that Situ Live can lay claim to being the UK’s safest and smartest retail venue when it opens next month.