Westfield London

Our launch venue opens 2021

Prime retail location

Low risk high return

Showcase your products

Ranked number 1 shopping centre*

Flagship location
27 million visits per year
Extensive primary catchment
Excellent parking and public transport
£1 billion retail sales per annum

Key visitor demographics*

City Sophisticates
Lavish Lifestyles
Career Climbers


Low risk for a high return

Whether you want to create experiences, test new innovations, launch a product or simply need a place shoppers can see your product in real life, a Situ Live subscription lets you benefit from high flexibility, low investment, low commitment and a quick setup.


Low setup and running costs. All the benefits of your own brand store without the cost


Flexible, optimise your spend vs duration


We do all the work, so you don't have to

Get started with experiential retail

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Sign up your brand

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Upgrade to a subscription plan in our live venue

Step 3

Send your product and supporting information and our team do the rest